Turn professional knowledge into algorithms.

Designers leverage tacit knowledge
that tends to referred to as tricks of the trade or intuition.
Arent is a global pioneer in developing technology that formulates this.
We have enabled high-speed design that goes far beyond human intellect.

Machine-assisted CAD.

For industrial plants, piping design has become
a process of avoiding pipe collisions and finding
the most sensible routes.
It is a task that takes several months and requires
the expertise of talented designers. PlantStream developed
by Arent is an automated CAD system that fully realizes
and implements this expertise. It turns a designer's intuitive
understanding and know-how into algorithms,
automating the design of the most complex industrial plants
with pin-point accuracy. This cutting-edge software,
tailored to real-world needs, delivers truly automated design.

PlantStream demo movie

Innovative speed.
Achieve optimal design in seconds.

The most revolutionary and innovative elements of PlantStream are its autonomy and speed.
Most major projects require over a thousand pieces of equipment, structures,
and pipes that must be intertwined in an extremely intricate manner.
The time required for PlantStream to analyze and optimize mutual layouts, strength,
construction costs, and ease of maintenance for these projects takes a few dozen seconds at most,
allowing for a near instantaneously generated ideal layout without sacrificing precision.
This astonishing functionality turns the notion of time in the field on its head,
completing tasks that once took months in mere minutes.



USE CASE _ 01 商業ビル・住居

Automatically calculate utility networks
with livability in mind.

Plumbing, gas, and air-conditioning equipment.
And the piping, wiring, and ducts to go with it.
Leave all of the extremely complex layout work associated
with constructing residential space to autonomous CAD.
Designers can spend that time
instead concentrating on “consideration for people”
based on design and user experience.

USE CASE _ 02 都市開発

Optimize wide-area
lifeline networks in seconds.

Reorganizing above-ground
and underground lifeline networks
is essential for developing an entire city.
However, construction requirements are subject
to continual review particularly for such wide areas.
Autonomous CAD works best for projects
with so many variables as it calculates routes instantly
in accordance with new requirements.



Please do not hesitate to contact us with enquiries.
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At Arent, while actively engaged in in-house development,
we also offer consulting and software development services mainly for the construction industry.
We propose radical solutions using Arent’s CAD development capabilities for urgent issues related
to operational efficiency. Please do not hesitate to contact us with enquiries.