No more manual labor.
Creativity only.

Designers of large-scale projects
are beleaguered
by massive adjustment work.
Get rid of the manual labor.
Leave only the creativity.
What Arent is revolutionizing
is the overloaded daily routine.

Respect for great thinkers
who value creativity

Our company derives its name from the distinguished 20th century thinker, Hannah Arendt.
Human nature lies in creative “work” and “action,” which are concealed by “labor.”
Her ideas are profoundly influencing how our way of working is being revisited in the modern era.
Arent’s logo shows the ideal imbalance of work, action, and labor.


Leave the work to CAD.
Leave creativity to designers.

Design used to be an endless, laborious task. In the construction of industrial plants
and commercial buildings, for example, designers face a maelstrom of stakeholder demands.
Standing at the crossroads of these requests, they become exhausted and overwhelmed
by endless adjustments.

We at Arent are revolutionalizing CAD.
More precisely, we are transforming it to set off a revolution
in the lives of overworked designers.

Arent is working to take CAD from a tool to a form of intelligence.
It will accommodate countless requests,
turning them into design drawings in the blink of an eye.
This liberates designers from the arduous task of making adjustments
and instead allows them to make the most of their creative talents.
Leave manual labor to CAD and let human creativity flourish.
Arent’s mission is to create just such a rational and blissful future for design.

作業をなくす。創造がのこる。 作業をなくす。創造がのこる。

Impact on BUSINESS

Dramatically reducesturnaround
time and costs with
revolutionary efficiency.

Viewed from standpoint of a company,
autonomous CAD is quite simply a technology
that turns today’s sense of cost and time on its head.
It goes without saying
that large-scale projects such as building,
civil engineering, and plant facilities require months
of repetitive spec changes.
This common knowledge is changing.
Finish spec changes instantly in a matter of seconds,
resulting in dramatically reduced work periods
and significant cost savings.
Arent brings the joy of creativity
to designers while revolutionizing companies
with high efficiency.

設計の秒速化。そして業界は激変する。 設計の秒速化。そして業界は激変する。

Impact on SOCIETY

Make the construction
industry sustainable
with an improved
design environment.

The chronic workforce shortages plaguing
the construction industry are expected
to worsen from 2020.
Decoupling manual labor from designers
leads to shortening their time commitment on each project.
This not only ensures the stability
of the construction industry by improving both
the influx and turnover of human resources,
but also maintains the development capacity of society overall.

作業をなくす。創造がのこる。 作業をなくす。創造がのこる。