Autonomous CAD. The revolution is here.


No more manual labor.
Creativity only.

Designers of large-scale projects
are beleaguered
by massive adjustment work.
Get rid of the manual labor.
Leave only the creativity.
What Arent is revolutionizing
is the overloaded daily routine.



Turn professional knowledge
into algorithms.

Designers leverage tacit knowledge
that tends to referred to as tricks
of the trade or intuition.
Arent is a global pioneer
in developing technology
that formulates this.
We have enabled high-speed design
that goes far beyond human intellect.

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Bringing together elite
CAD engineers.

Industry-leading engineers navigating
the frontier of CAD development
come together at Arent.
We invest their skills
and experience on all fronts
to further refine autonomous CAD.

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Let’s solve global
inefficiencies together.

We at Arent are on the lookout
for colleagues.
Let’s correct the inefficiencies
surrounding construction on a global scale.
We’re waiting for specialists with whom
we can share the revolution.